30 oct 2020

ispta whatsapp groups

why did ispta migrate the whatsapp groups?
ispta migrated all of its whatsapp groups to new groups that are
created, owned and administered by the ispta, from a phone number
belonging to the ispta.

what are the ispta whatsapp groups for?
the ispta whatsapp groups are strictly for current is parents, to bring
together the is community to discuss school related topics.      

how to identify ispta groups for current is parents
all official ispta whatsapp groups are created by the ispta phone number, 67652453.
you can recognise the year-level whatsapp groups from their blue background logos. 

how to join the new official ispta whatsapp groups
if you have not yet joined the ispta whatsapp groups please fill in this form
or email the pta manager — pta@online.island.edu.hk